Friday, January 21, 2011

I really hate the dark cold nights of winter but...

Today's topic:  Inner goal and Stupid cold weather

I made it to the gym tonight, two days in a row. I worked out for 60 minutes and met with a personal trainer.  That went well but I was reminded to be careful when you speak because someone might actually be listening.

She asked me what is your goal? I said my goal is to go down a dress size in the next 6-8 weeks and to keep on my journey. Well she caught me off guard and asked me what dress size I would like to be and I told her the size I would like. Well now, she latched onto that and declared that my long term inner goal. She also advised that my goal is achievable and realistic.        Sigh...

Why the Sigh  you may be wondering.  I sighed because now its out there. It has been spoken aloud and written down. I need to take my inner goal (which she was right about) and make it a reality.

Well here goes.

I meet with her on Wednesday night to get my program. I work it individually for 6-8 weeks and then I get reassessed for a new plan.

This is real isn't it. I have everything lined up to be successful. So I am gonna do what I got to do,  to get the results that I want to get.

Major Daily Challenge: THE COLD!!!

I really hate cold. More so that words can describe. Once I get home where its warm and toasty it is a mental challenge to leave. Especially, to go to the gym.

If my friends call me and want to go relax and enjoy some laughs, drinks, and food. I'm there. To leave my house to go in the gym, grocery store, run errands, hmph no interest.

How to manage this challenge?

Don't go home first. Set my clothes up so if I do go home they are in my face when I walk in so I don't get caught by my soft comfy warm bed. Use my heated seats and heating system in the car. Park close to the gym. Oh I know many ways to to manage the challenge but how do I convince myself to do them is the real question.

This is really scary right now. I sort of turned by bad habits around overnight. Not really though. I have attempted changing my bad health habits numerous times and ways over the years but never kept going. Every day is successful for me because I am choosing it to be so.

Water check, balanced meals check, portion control check, made it to the gym in the cold check. I really hate the cold but I deserve me time and a healthy lifestyle.



  1. Don't go home first! Let the warmth of your house be your reward after working out. I need to change my mindset also and think about working out as fun. I haven't quite gotten it down yet though. Think about summer and picture you wearing cute clothes. (I'll take the cold because summer is coming way too fast for me).

  2. I like your point Racquel but no matter how hot it is I still prefer it to winter

  3. Thanks Racq home as a reward, really nice concept! Spring then summer, stop rushing the seasons ;).

  4. One day at a time, one goal at a time. And yes! You are successful each day, not so scary eh? whether it's drinking water or taking lunch or going to the gym or writing this blog or just being mindul; each by itself makes you a healthier happier you!