Monday, March 7, 2011

Change is hard!!

Today's topic: Courage

Change is hard, but it is also an opportunity for growth. When it is a self imposed change it requires diligence and courage. Courage to continue to the goal that you have set for yourself.

I think that I am finally learning a lesson.

While tragic things may happen not everything is my responsibility.

Other people's choices/mistakes should not affect me to the point that my equilibrium is thrown off course.

I can only do one thing at a time and when I am doing that one thing I should be doing it to the best of my ability. Multitasking is overrated and not as effective as I am led to believe. If I choose to do more than one thing at a time it will be my choice.

Preparation is key!

Prioritizing myself has gotten lost but I'm finding it.

I am claiming my peace, success, and courage to be true to myself on this journey.

Water bottle full, gym bag  packed, lunch bag packed, nutritionist appointment scheduled for this evening.

Passion has returned!!

Change is hard but nothing worthwhile is easy!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late nights, early mornings

I am not a morning person. I function well enough for work however moving early in the morning not really my thing. 

Due to recent events I am seriously considering going to work out before work...

At the end of the day I am simply worn out. Granted I can try to plan my day better to finish working earlier but that just may not be realistic...

For the last three weeks early morning meetings and late night appointments have simply overwhelmed me. 

Something has got to give. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions but intentions aren't going to give me the results that I need.

Honestly I am so tempted to just stop this journey and live life as a plus size woman but I'm not happy here so I guess I will keep trudging on...

Damn this is HARD!!!!

Water check ! passion...


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm back!!!

Wow!! If someone told me that February 2011 would be a test of tribulations I would have never guessed that it would have entailed all that it did.

Car trouble, family illness, relationship arguments,  financial struggles, experienced some significant losses at work with regards to great people moving on and changing for the better and  work Arggh!!!

I have cried, stressed myself sick, taken on more than I should have and yes neglected myself. I was reminded to say "no", take control of my schedule and make time for me.

What I have done is consistently is drink my water, reach out to those who are a support to me, and tapped into an inner strength to keep on going. During the last month I have not gained a POUND. I have actually lost three.

I have not made it to the gym as often as I would have liked but today I scheduled attending in my calendar.

If I didn't say that passion for this journey got a lil lost over the few weeks I would be lying. In every journey there will be trials and tribulations because the truth is that's life. In addition to my eating, and working out I really have to find a way to stop multitasking on such a high level that I have several incomplete piles. I also need to create a better work life balance and make the job work for me because right now I am working harder than the job.

My motto used to be one phone call at a time, one piece of paper at a time and I have to go back to that lifestyle.

I'm glad to be back blogging and I am grateful to those that are really vested in me and this journey that inquired about the missing blog posts.

Water check, passion check, gym tomorrow night!