Saturday, March 22, 2014

Challenge vs. Lifestyle? I CHOOSE LIFESTYLE!

How are you today? I am grateful.

Grateful for the awareness that I'm experiencing.

So as I stated I am taking part in a 28 day clean eating challenge. Today,  it occurred to me that clean eating is now my LIFESTYLE.

Now granted I'm a couple of days in and when the "plan" is  new you are determined and focused, however I've been really dramatic on some level. It's a level that I have only seen demonstrated in individuals who have SUCCESSFULLY lost weight and keep the weight OFF.

What is it you ask. Here it is. They always have food. They carry their food to school, work, the gym, meetings, to the mall. They have a pretty good idea about what they are going to eat that day. If they go out to eat they are CONSCIOUS about what they are eating.  I'm turning into one of "those" people.

  1. I have appropriate food in my car, purse and always something in my fridge. I have snacks at my desk. 
  2. I went to a conference this week that provided lunch. I knew that lunch was provided but I still packed my own lunch.
  3. Today I went to the mall with my friend and my daughter. I packed snacks for my lil one and I made MYSELF a veggie shake  to take with me. I packed water, fruit and my shake. Now some people would be like "so what?" but these are big things to ME!

Preparing my food is time consuming. I will not lie. However, I can eat at my convenience without waiting for my order to be ready. I don't spend additional money purchasing meals. Finally, it always tastes good!!

Tools are important. Minimally, I need a cutting board, seasoning, an electric grill, an oven, a blender,  travel food storage containers and a bag that can accommodate my food. I also menu plan.

Due to work changes I'm going to invest in a food thermos.

This clean eating  is a challenge but it will become MY LIFESTYLE!


Water, exercise, clean eating, passion for health check!

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