Friday, February 11, 2011

Obstacles oh my!

Topic: Obstacles

Man oh man! Being sick knocked me off my feet for several days.  So now I gotta get caught up!

First some reflection. I don’t know about you but for me it seems as if I am doing well then something come along to sidetrack me. I was going strong for two weeks. I was in the gym,  making better food choices and feeling really great! Then mother nature came along, snow and ice.  It slowed me down but I kept going. Then I got sick. I have been sick for about ten days. No gym, eating okay not the best, not the worse.  I am still slightly wheezing and congested. I am not contagious,  thanks to the good pharmaceuticals that my doc gave me. I see these incidents as a test. A test to see if I am ready to love me to the fullest. To help my heart work well,  ease the silent pressure on my joints that will eventually groan loudly. 

So I FINALLY met with the nurse at the gym. I got weighed in, my body fat was calculated, my hydration level was recorded, and my biometrics (body inches) were measured. Then if that wasn’t traumatic enough, I took before pictures, because there will be new and improved after pictures. My next appointment with the nurse is for the second week in May. This is a really important step for me because I cannot be focused only on the scale. I need to have measurements taken so that I can have a point of reference other that weight.
 I signed up for the biggest winner at my gym. It is a way to motivate members to join more classes, earn fit bucks and focus on weight and INCHES lost!! I’ll keep you in the loop on how that goes. 

I meet with the trainer for my program on Sunday at 2:00pm to get my program. She advised me that she is designing a program that relies heavily on my body weight. (Has she seen me that’s a lot of weight, sheesh)
I inventoried my pantry and cleaned my fridge to understand what is in my home and what I am putting in my body. Not too bad. I didn’t have too many snacks.  A couple of boxes of cookies were the worse. It  will also help me to meal plan. Balanced thinking, mind,  body and belly J.

Being sick and on steroids, lord is hard work. My appetite is seriously open.  I KNOW I am not hungry but that doesn’t stop me from putting something in my mouth. I have managed to maintained my water intake and walk away from the chocolate on my co-workers desk. HARD WORK!!! I have indulged and paid the price for fried calamari, potato skins and a bahama breeze.

Eating out is where I have to really think about what I am doing. Two very painful episodes. I mean belly aching, not sleeping well and heavy bloated feeling. Poor body, I could hear it laughing at me, “Since  you are not listening then you are going to feel, I DON’T LIKE THAT STUFF!”

What has really helped me during this stupid infection is having soups in the freezer, fruits and veggies on hand, before I got sick.

I found a website that helps me to meal plan and tells me what I need to have to make those meals! I’m in love.

These are the numbers I choose to share.
Body Fat 42.2%
Hydration level 45.6%

Pictures, maybe...

Obstacles are part of life. I cannot allow them to control my destiny! I am going to change the things that can and not worry about the things I cannot. 

My passion for a healthier me is still strong and I am still drinking my water. I look forward to returning to the gym tomorrow.

Passion check; water check!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being sick blows!

Hi all. 

I am not feeling well. Body aching, sneezing, ears are aching, eyes running, congestion, scratchy throat. 

I refuse to use not feeling well as an excuse to eat badly. I will admit that it is so much easier to not think about what I put in my mouth as I struggle to breathe and my body aches.

However, if I succumb to not being conscious about my food choices then every  bad day, my monthly aunt that comes to visit, a special occasion and all of the rest of life's activities can be utilized as an excuse not to take care of myself. 

I have not made it to the gym one day this week but I have been conscious about  what I have been putting in my mouth. I even looked for sugar free over the counter medication so that I wouldn't take in extra useless calories. I have also noticed that I have more of an appetite than normal. So I have been eating more. More fruits, more lean protein. I have had a couple of cookies but not to the point of excess. I do believe that  your body needs more rest and more food when it is fighting germs.

This journey is all about choices. There is always a choice.

Stay healthy all. Being sick blows!

Water check; passion check!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Laughter and soup!

Laughter is good for the mind and the body.

I have one of the most stressful jobs. When I tell people what I do for a living the response is typically "Great job, your undervalued." I smile and say someone has to do it and I shrug.

I had a really tedious day yesterday.  After work my plan was to go to the gym and get a work out in.  Instead what did I do. I went out to eat with great friends. Now with these friends a laugh is guaranteed. It just always happens. I mean belly aching,  side hurting,  almost pee myself laughter. 

I ate horribly and I drank way too many calories. My body did not like it one bit. My tummy started hurting almost immediately and I felt so "heavy." However, I have no regrets.

1. It was bound too happen. Eventually I would eat something consciously that I shouldn't eat. One major difference  is I noticed the effect it had on my body. I didn't like it. Definitely not worth it. I didn't eat it thinking oh I had a bad day and this is a reward. I ate because I wanted it. You see I had ordered a salad and changed my mind. 

2. I am not perfect. Nor will I ever be.  What I will say is that this new level of consciousness is making me aware of my thoughts my actions and my feelings. 

3. I will think twice, maybe three times again before I do that do myself again.  It was not pleasant at all. 

Now on to today. 

Today was a great day. My body was still not happy with my choice of meal from yesterday but because of planning I ate well. I also realized I missed a good meal. So I came home tonight and I made a good healthy balanced meal. Satiety Yes!

 I also made two soups. Soups are a staple for me . I can freeze them, take them  to work for lunch or have a quick healthy great tasting meal at home. 

I also realized today that I am a cheater. I admit it. I cheat. I cheat myself out of food! It is simply ridiculous. I barely get enough calories on some days that I then crave. Crave a carb or just a lil "something. I can even convince myself that I crave a crunch. Good thing I am not a snacker because I would be doomed...

 When I look back at my best days I actually eat three meals per day with a snack of fruit. I have been doing well with breakfast but not so much with lunch and dinner. They are simply not comprehensive. Either protein and fat but no carb or carb and fat but no protein. I need all three. 

In the past I would have been so disappointed with myself but this is my plan. I am doing what works for me. So every day,  while a challenge,  is also a learning experience. 

My daily goals are the intake of water and being passionate about this journey. This is an everyday thing, not six days a week with a "free" day. I also have to be conscious not to have too many  bad eating days. ( I use bad" very loosely.)

I cannot really put into words how my mindset has changed. All I can say is the roots are strong, the self worth is deeply ingrained and I am proud of myself for being true to myself.

Water check; passion  check!