Thursday, February 3, 2011

Laughter and soup!

Laughter is good for the mind and the body.

I have one of the most stressful jobs. When I tell people what I do for a living the response is typically "Great job, your undervalued." I smile and say someone has to do it and I shrug.

I had a really tedious day yesterday.  After work my plan was to go to the gym and get a work out in.  Instead what did I do. I went out to eat with great friends. Now with these friends a laugh is guaranteed. It just always happens. I mean belly aching,  side hurting,  almost pee myself laughter. 

I ate horribly and I drank way too many calories. My body did not like it one bit. My tummy started hurting almost immediately and I felt so "heavy." However, I have no regrets.

1. It was bound too happen. Eventually I would eat something consciously that I shouldn't eat. One major difference  is I noticed the effect it had on my body. I didn't like it. Definitely not worth it. I didn't eat it thinking oh I had a bad day and this is a reward. I ate because I wanted it. You see I had ordered a salad and changed my mind. 

2. I am not perfect. Nor will I ever be.  What I will say is that this new level of consciousness is making me aware of my thoughts my actions and my feelings. 

3. I will think twice, maybe three times again before I do that do myself again.  It was not pleasant at all. 

Now on to today. 

Today was a great day. My body was still not happy with my choice of meal from yesterday but because of planning I ate well. I also realized I missed a good meal. So I came home tonight and I made a good healthy balanced meal. Satiety Yes!

 I also made two soups. Soups are a staple for me . I can freeze them, take them  to work for lunch or have a quick healthy great tasting meal at home. 

I also realized today that I am a cheater. I admit it. I cheat. I cheat myself out of food! It is simply ridiculous. I barely get enough calories on some days that I then crave. Crave a carb or just a lil "something. I can even convince myself that I crave a crunch. Good thing I am not a snacker because I would be doomed...

 When I look back at my best days I actually eat three meals per day with a snack of fruit. I have been doing well with breakfast but not so much with lunch and dinner. They are simply not comprehensive. Either protein and fat but no carb or carb and fat but no protein. I need all three. 

In the past I would have been so disappointed with myself but this is my plan. I am doing what works for me. So every day,  while a challenge,  is also a learning experience. 

My daily goals are the intake of water and being passionate about this journey. This is an everyday thing, not six days a week with a "free" day. I also have to be conscious not to have too many  bad eating days. ( I use bad" very loosely.)

I cannot really put into words how my mindset has changed. All I can say is the roots are strong, the self worth is deeply ingrained and I am proud of myself for being true to myself.

Water check; passion  check!


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  1. Friends? CHECK!!! Anytime you need us, just send up the Bat signal! Sorry, but fried foods still taste good to me. Good thing I'm nowhere near perfect. But then again, I imagine being perfect's a lonely, hard behind, static thing to be anyway! jejeje