Monday, January 31, 2011

Love and honor

Today's topic: Love and Honor

So where have I been. I’ve been living.

I spent some quality time with my friends and went on a trip to Atlantic City.  What a challenge that was for me. I felt really alone although surrounded by people.  I felt uncomfortable. Why, I’m not sure but it wasn’t a good feeling. Actually…last Thursday I cut my hair. I don’t mean trim. I mean cut. I have gotten really GREAT feedback but… I struggled with it at first. I still may be…

I love the ease of it. It will make my swimming lessons easier once they start but this is the first time in my life I have questioned my femininity because of appearance.  I do not regret it but this is an experience I wasn’t prepared for on this journey.

People say some really hurtful things to other in a wayward attempt to help. Especially those who say they love you or have love for you... Negativity is so destructive and it can fester insecurities to overwhelming proportions. 

Love is supposed to be patient and kind but too often it is hurtful and cruel. The love that I have for myself will help me to make this journey one with no limits. That love will wrap its arms around me and surround me with what I need to succeed on those difficult days. 

This is not an all or nothing journey. Every day is a new day to own what I have allowed to happen to my body.  

This blog is making me think, think really hard about what I want and how I’m going to get there.  

 I hope my friend doesn’t mind that this borrowed this but,  her fb post today was “Knowing your Self-Worth & honoring your Self-Worth are related but are 2 completely different things!” T.H. 1.31.11

The honoring has begun for me and it will never end!

Water check; passion check!

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