Thursday, January 27, 2011

Consistency is key

Topic: Being consistent.

Consistency is a mental thing. For whatever reason self care is probably one of the most neglected area in everyday life. Somethings are automatic showering, brushing of teeth, putting shoes on before going out in the cold. Somethings get lost. Regular trips to the gym, eating fruits and vegetables daily.

To complete this journey, the gym or some form of exercise, fruits, veggies and water have to become as natural to me as showering daily and brushing my teeth.  It needs to be a part of my daily life without consuming my day.

I have known what I need to do for years to lose weight,  however mentally I was not  prepared. Until recently. In the cycle of change I have relapsed so many times,but this time I'm determined and taking action.

Consistency is key for me. By making this a part of my life I don't feel like is a chore.

Living my life to the fullest doesn't mean material things or getting wasted. It means enjoying life to the best of my ability in he best physical state that I can achieve. Smelling the roses in the spring, enjoying a snow day in the winter, day trips in the summer and enjoying the crisp fall breeze in the fall.

Water check; gym check; passion check!


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