Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still going strong!

Today's topic: Lifestyle change.

This is so weird.  Right now it is almost effortless to stay on track. As I arrive home,  I think about what the next day is going to be like and I plan accordingly.

I have received  some indirect negative feedback. Before I would have critiqued it, but right now bleh.

I 'm doing me and it feels great. I will continue to do me. I can already feel the positive changes in my body and more so my thoughts. I can clearly see myself fitting into a pair of non stretch jeans one size smaller than what I wear now and being comfy. ( They are hanging on the outside of my closet so I can see them daily until it is time to replace them with another item one size smaller) This is my short term goal that is measurable by me.

I am also working on a vision board. Law of attraction at work!

It is interesting to see who supports me. I am a pretty positive person and I try my darnedest to share positive energy. I also surround my self with like minded people. As a result our light is shining so bright that the negative energy has no chance to flourish and fester.

"Choose to be happy today! Redirect your thoughts to from negative to positive. You can only do one thing at a time. Do not be overwhelmed with things that cannot be changed. Find a way to make them manageable. Deep breath in, exhale out and feel the calm taking over." This is my fb status for today and boy did this affirmation come in handy!

Water check; gym check; passion check!


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