Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to begin

Hi and welcome to my blog. 

So I've decided to write a blog about my weight loss and self discovery journey.  I am not a point counter, a carb eliminator or raw foodie. However, I have tried them in an attempt to either lose weight quickly or to simply lose weight. I am not a binge eater, nor a snacker. Emotional eater, not sure but boredom maybe.  Portion control is a struggle. I also love to cook...

At this point, I have not been told that I have any medical conditions that are affecting my health but I am morbidly obese. This is always a shocker to me... I just can't believe that it has gotten this far out of hand. 

So why now? and why will this time be different? Great questions. Honestly, I can't say that it will. I am hoping that this blog helps me to be accountable to myself. I am also hoping that someone else can be motivated and can also motivate me. 

Why the need to blog? I have no idea why I am making this very personal journey public. Not a clue. I do think that this can help me find support which I don't always have. 

I do know that this is a process from the inside out.  This is where LF comes in. LF is my nutritionist. I am not sure what I thought a nutritionist would be but she isn't it. She makes me think. Think about food, myself, my choices, what makes me happy. 

I also have great family, friends, and a husband that support me and want to see me succeed. 

This is something that I have to do my way. I acknowledge that my journey is going to be long and difficult at times but nothing worthwhile is easy. 

Plan of action:

Do what works for me.

Eat breakfast - this is something that I have learned I need and my body really likes. 

Plan - my meals, my days and goals. This does not mean that I can't go out to eat but it does mean that I need to make educated choices about what I put in my body. 

Move- I have to exercise, park further, take the stairs more often and make it a priority in my life. 

Drink- Yes drink. Water, water and more water. I like water and my body loves it. It helps my skin, my body and most of all my system. 

Sleep/rest -  I work hard. At times it affects my sleep but I have to improve this area of my life. I know I am repeating myself but  I like sleep and my body loves it.  It helps my skin, my body and most of all my system.

So how am I going to begin. 

Breakfast, three 16.9 bottles of water, and movement. 

This journey is more than about weight. This is about becoming the best me that I can be. Tears will be shed and pain will be felt but I am worth it. It's time to begin. 


  1. Congrats on making this move. I commend you for writing this blog. You can do ALL things through Christ who STRENGTHENS you. Through the tears, pains and set backs, remember you are doing this for you, and very small defeat matter. Good Luck on this wonderful journey, and I will be joing you in making this wonderful life change.

  2. p.s. this is rosalynn

  3. SO cool Shantelle. Wish you great luck.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I am excited to follow your journey! I am also curious to see how you balance living a healthier lifestyle with your crazy job!

  5. Thanks Rosalynn, you are so right all things through Christ!

    Thanks Teri!!

    Jennifer Thank you doll!