Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Take advantage

Today's topic: Liberated!

Stupid snow.

So I am in NJ where it is snowing. I actually like snow. I think that it is pretty and makes people slow down. However, I hate to drive in the snow. Actually, I am a wuss about driving in the snow. I was supposed to go to the gym tonight to get a workout in and also to get my personal training regimen but I dare not drive in the snow. I don't feel bad about this or guilty. Wanna know why? I got in two workouts for the week already and I drank my water!! I feel great. Better than I ever remember actually. Physically and mentally. I am on another level of happiness.

I am doing things and making preparations for my new and expanded life that I never thought I would do. I feel carefree!!! Liberated.

I feel like I am coming into my own. I am so glad that I took advantage and got in two workouts for the week. I did something else today too but I am not ready to share that quite yet.

Take advantage of opportunities that present itself because it may make room for another one. (Like me staying home on a snow day and not missing my workout)


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