Monday, January 17, 2011

Support at home


Today's topic: Support in my relationship.

I have a great support system at home. My husband. He loves me for the person that I am, not the size of my body. 

If I am consistent, he is consistent. If I "fall" off track for lack of a better term,  he is right with me. 

It would be a lie to say that I am making changes because he wants me too. I am doing it so that I  can avoid any health risks and to look better in my clothes.  

My water intake went well yesterday and is continuing today. Thanks to J and Rocky I even moved! Zumba at J's home! 

Today I scheduled to meet with the nurse and the trainer at my gym. The nurse will measure me and give me something to be focused on other than the scale. The trainer will help me have a focus when I am in the gym. 

I also set my phone to remind me to take my lunch every day. (I forget, or get caught up trying to do one last thing.) Eating breakfast and lunch regularly really helped me to eat balanced meals. It also helps my appetite. 

Overweight with an appetite issue. Yep its true. LF nutritionist helped me to learn what hunger feels like and what I need to do to avoid my sugar dropping. Hypoglycemia = not pleasant.

The scary piece for me is I have done this all before with results, weight loss and inches lost. I decided to "cleanse" and I fell off of the path to a lighter me. DEPRIVATION is not for me. It has taken me three months to get back on track but I'm here.

When you have a partner to support you that's great. I need to learn how to support me for the simple fact that I deserve to be fit, healthy and happy. 


You know you are progressing when you leave behind the old, and you embrace the new with a smile on your face and in your heart" ~ Suze Orman

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