Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My saving grace!

Today's Topic: My saving grace!

What a day today was. It was my first day back to work after starting this blog and facing the challenge of making good choices consistently.

Where to start, with the water I guess. I  definitely got in  8 glasses of water not including my two cups of tea. Great job me! However, the bathroom was my friend.

So for those of you who do not know, I do not have a traditional job in one location. I have office days and I have days like today. Meetings and clients homes that are not always clean. This means that you learn ALL the clean bathrooms that are in the community. I mean ALL!

I will say that after 3 days of daily water intake, my lips are not as dry and I look forward to drinking my water. Be right back ( Water bathroom break).

Ok so I planned my day with my meals BUT I got HUNGRY! Really hungry. Like ready to eat my damn arm hungry.  You’ll never guess what saved me. Guess. C'mon guess! Water, yes water! Lol I had to shake my head at the irony.

I could have stopped and got a high protein yogurt or packed a piece of cheese with some nuts, but I underestimated how long I was going to be away from home.

Today’s lesson pack a little bit more food and keep water with me. I guess I could have also stopped and made a healthy choice. 

Ok what else. Oh I packed a gym bag. I almost always have gym clothes with me in a duffel bag, but I packed an individual bag today. 

GOAL: I’m going to make it to the gym at least once before Friday!

To obtain: A nice 32oz clear bottle to drink out of to keep me motivated me to drink my water. When I have water near I drink more. So if my water is in an opaque bottle, out of sight out of mind. I also need a new lunch bag. I have beat my last one to death.

I love soups. They are great to help me eat healthy during the week. I had cabbage and bean soup today for lunch. Tonight I made broccoli and brown rice soup. Mmmm! Delicious.

I must admit I love that this blog that I really started for me is creating positive conversations. A friend of mine read it and got them self a bottle of water.

Great suggestions have been flooding in. I think I'm going to try to find a way to post them... they may not help me but they may help someone else. 

I don’t lie to myself. I ignore the big white elephant that is around my waist, on my thighs etc. That might be worse than lying… I'm done ignoring. 



  1. Yes I just love beign the first one to comment. I love you so much and I am right there with you. Let's get some coordinating Nalgene type bottles to carry with us. And yes, I make sure when I am traveling in the lower end of the county to stop at my mom's house for a pee break before heading home on the turnpike.

  2. Thanks pawprints! We can do this together and when I start using my scrap booking stuff I'm going to come and get pointers.

  3. I actually have what I worked on this weekend in my office.